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My name is Kristin de Leon. I am first a singer. I have been singing since I could remember using a plug as a mic when I was three to sing. Music brings me the highest kind of emotional pleasure. But life wasn't all about music. Although I have been trying out as a performer almost all my life.

I started been called to be a flower girl at my every wedding in my town in the Philippines, when I was I was young. This led people to put me into a kiddie pageant. But I said no. Still they were interested. I remember seeing Lea Salonga as Miss Saigon on TV, I wanted to be like her so much. just performing for other people thrilled me. When I moved to Metro Manila, my grandparents wanted me to enter singing contests on TV but alas I was to young and we had to move to America suddenly. My grandparents are musicians themselves so I have music in my genes.

In New York is where we settled and I found myself joining elementary school clubs like the choir and theatre club. One day a professional actor taught us to act in a Shakespearean play Henry V. I came out of that experience with stars in my eyes for performing and I keep this experience inside forever.

In high school, I joined our school Senior Band where I played in the percussion section. Every year we had a concert this process made me nervous but also excited about the show. Walking up the hill to go home in the subway, I always dreamed of being a singer this got me through the boring days of being an top student, which I was proud of but I rather spend my time somewhere else. So I saved money to go to a prestigious acting school in Manhattan.

In college I went through intensive acting training at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. I trained in voice, movement, and acting courses. This is helped me have a good awareness of myself and my performance abilities. I also took courses in my main college like musical, theatre, opera, vocal, and choir. I thoroughly enjoyed these classes than the other things I took there.

I graduated college and worked in marketing and social media but my heart was in music and performing. I became a sorta well-know author in the diy self-publishing world. But the Universe would not let me settle for what I thought was my ultimate destiny and music was not it. Somehow through difficult life challenges it reminded me out where my heart belonged.

One day my brother and me watched kpop tv shows and music videos. I watched the band Twice perform and they reminded me of myself when I was younger. These Korean talent reality shows showed me the person who I aspired to be right from the very beginning a famous singer and performer.

The rest history I entered a kpop training school and started working with Korean teachers, who were though but superb instructors. Although I don't go to that school anymore, I still try to sing on different online platforms like YouTube and SoundCloud.

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